SEO Techniques to Rank in Google


Back in the day when you have to produce more content with 1,000-word each article to be able to rank on Google, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Google release a new algorithm and ways on how to rank better on search engines.

If you really want to be known worldwide in search engines, keep reading until the end of this article and you’ll never regret the things you have learned from us.

Quality VS Quantity

Even if you have published 1,000-word article either to your blog or business website if it doesn’t answer the queries of your site readers it will just a crap. For 2017, Google wants in-depth articles where your site visitors can benefit from it.

Use long-tail keywords and use it with proper keyword density which is 2%-4% for a 500-word article. Your articles should be readable and don’t try to do keyword stuffed.

Desktop First VS Mobile First

In the past few years, desktop version of any niche of a website is a must, regardless if you make it mobile-friendly or not. For this year, Google wants your website to be fully optimized and mobile-friendly since technology influence has embarked to many races worldwide, whereas a lot of people-on-the-go chose to use mobile in checking websites.  If you haven’t made your website to be mobile-friendly, better do it now.

www VS non-www Domain

Launching your website and make it known to everyone makes you think that you need to insert the www in your domain. The truth is, whether your domain has www or not, it still won’t affect your ranking in Google or in any search engines. www or non-www in your domain is just a personal preference.

SSL Certification

In 2016 social media platforms have been very powerful especially during the election, as well as various news sites have been published online. In regard to this matter, Google will outrank those news sites without https. S in https means “secure,” that keeps your entire information safe from the hackers lurking around the web.

Mostly, anyone can build a news site if they really want to, but the mere fact that an individual has put an effort in purchasing SSL certificate to their domain means that they are not a fake website.

Remove Ads on Mobile Version

Google announced early this year that they will prioritize websites that do not have pop-up ads on their mobile version; this is to imply to everyone that search engines want organic paid and research. It’s time to remove your ads on mobile version and leave it to your desktop version.

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